Wisdom from the Bee Daoist

The 9 Hearts   九心臟
The following Cultivation of the Nine Hearts was shared by the Bee-Daoist of the Prince Cave, Jia Yong Xiang.
Sunday for me is all about the heart or (family, god, togetherness, love). Here is something shared by Jia Yong Xiang to a friend of mine and I now share it with you.
Ways to train your heart to be righteous and benevolent.
修九心 xiu jiu xin – Cultivation of Nine Hearts
1.公平心 gong ping xin – fair heart
2.平等心 ping deng xin – equality heart
3.忍辱心 ren ru xin – endure humiliation
4.包容心 bao rong xin – forgiving heart
5.慈悲心 ci bei xin – mercyfull heart
6.救苦心 jiu ku xin – help the ones in need
7.布施心 bu shi xin – cheritible heart
8.忠孝心 zhong xiao xin – loyal heart
9.智慧心 zhi hui xin – wisdom heart
Contemplate each of these hearts and how they can benefit you. Thanks
Li Bai Yun 梨白雲

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