Free Tai-Chi Offerings Every Saturday In Riverside along Bike Trail!

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Join Sifu Li every Saturday (weather permitting) at Vitner Park along East Bay Bike Trail for an hour of Tai-Chi. From 9:30 am to 10:30. This ancient art of health and longevity stemming from the mountains of China are brought to the community. You will learn traditional practices of breathing, postures, stretching and movement from a longtime practitioner and founder of the Bai Yuan Dao Center for Cultural Heritage and Emei Daoist, Bai-Yun Li (Adam Perry).  Classes are conducted in a relaxed fashion with warm ups and discussions on the art and culture of Daoist Taijichuan.  Now is the perfect time to lengthen your life and improve your health.

Any donations are welcome to Bai Yuan Dao Center for Cultural Heritage, a (170 (b) wellness ministry and appreciated as they go to support our non profit ministry services and for our new meditation facility to start holding Sunday serivice.

Next classes are due to social distancing with the virus will be in April. Masks are okay and I will be keeping a respective distance from all attendees. It will run on a weekly basis. Any questions contact us at 508.951.0375 or

Summer Classes Starting for Bai Yuan Dao – Taiji, Bagua, Qigong, Kung fu, Iron Shirt! 

Inquire for details!

Thursday Night Tai-chi Sessions! Come and train with us!

Small group yang tai-chi (taijichuna) under the sky with Shifu Li.

Classical Chinese Wellness Available 

Not feeling well? Is your regular medical regimen not doing it for you? Wu healing may be for you. Seek us out!

Progress on the Center 

Here are some pictures of what we’ve been up to in order to get the place ready for you!

Temple Construction 2       Temple Construction 3

Temple Construction 1.jpg  Temple Construction 4.jpg IMG_0754.JPG ready for classes.jpg




We are Now working on the interior but it it 95% done and we are teaching.

Support our temple construction!