毋教猱升木  “Do not teach a monkey to climb trees”  –  Classics of Poetry – Shijing

Welcome to Bai Yuan Dao Center for Cultural Heritage

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Welcome (欢迎) to Rhode Island’s home of traditional Chinese Arts from the Mountains of Emei. We are a 170(b) (1) (A) (i) religious organization/ wellness ministry based in East Providence, Rhode Island. It is because of our blessed status of being a church that we are better equipped to help the community.

We exist to preserve, cultivate, teach, expand and practice the wholeness arts of the Daoist monastic traditions, from Emei Mountain (峨眉山) or High Eyebrow Mountain.


Our programs enrich and promote lives through the sharing of culture and heritage, cultivation of self and improvement of health through personalized and guided practices available to all within the community.  Sharing the ancient traditions handed down from the lofty peaks of China’s mountains, people are taught in a small stress-free setting with personal care taken for each student to ensure the happiness of all who grace our doors.

Bai Yuan Dao “White Ape Way” (白猿派) is rooted within the oldest internal and external arts known, from Emei Mountain and shared by Li Ya-Dang (梨 亞當), Daoist name Bai Yun (白云) , a disciple of the Emei Shan Daoist Lineage.  The priceless treasures from the Daoist masters before are ready to be shared with the community.

“A person who has already lived has cultivated for life is indeed cultivation”

I hope you choose to join us and experience the peace, personal growth and fulfillment that comes with practice of these arts in a world full of distractions.

If you are looking to find healing, whether physical, emotional or spiritual then I invite you to visit us.

Thank you,

Li, Daoshi

Sifu Li



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Current funding is going towards a Daoist Cultural Center, healing services and education. All donations are tax deductible and those in need of a handwritten receipt, please contact Bai Yuan Dao Center so we can have one made up for you. Thank you for your support, kind words and encouragement.

4 thoughts on “Home

  1. Vivian Baak says:

    Nice to hear there is a place to learn Q gong in rhode Island
    What type f Qi gng do you practice
    I would like to ser mayb a video to understand what you do
    I practic Luohan Qi ging, Wai dan Qi gong frm Chen family, and Taoist Qi gong and study chinese Medicne.
    Please let me know more about you practice. Thank you and peace

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