Here is a list of programs that are currently available or will be made available soon.

Qigong (Chee Gong(氣功)  “Breath Work”

What is Qigong?  One will find many answers when looking it up  online, but let us start with it’s meaning. The first character 氣 is Qi, which is air, energy, life force, cosmic breath, to simplify it. Of course there is much more as this character reflects universal Qi (energy of the sky, the earth, and of ourselves). The second character 功 is Gong, which is attainment, power to achieve work, training or skill.

Qigong is a practice consisting of breathing and Qi circulating techniques to bring balance and health to the practitioner and help them to attain Da Dao (The Great Way). Cultivation through Qigong is pivotal to training within the Emei Bai Yuan Dao.

Qi is in everything. It is the energy that creates our vitality and is closely associated with the lungs and spleen. Through the constant change of Yin and Yang change is brought into being and Qi the activity of yin and yang. The nature of Qi is to move and is related to our blood not as our blood but as energy moving within it.

At BYD we practice classics from Ba Duan Jin, to Da Peng Gong and Wang Zi Ping’s 20 Postures as well as some unique and lineage only based traditions. Currently by appointment only.

Tai Ji Tai-Chi (太極)  “The Grand Ultimate”

A series of graceful mindful movements directed with focused intent (yi) that smooth the flow of qi in the body and whose origins come from classical martial practices and the Yin Yang Theory of the universe. The first character (太)  is Tai, or the grand ultimate, represents also the great person (Da Ren) who is centered. The second character 極 is more complex, called ji (jee), in Chinese, not Chi or Qi like in qigong and has a different meaning. The right side depicts the Heavens and the Earth connected with the energy descending and ascending down through man expanding to the energy center, cultivating Yin and Yang within the body. Ji means contrast and to the left is a symbol like a tree representing being grounded and founed to the earth. The tree which grows its roots into the earth also reaches up to the sky connecting to the qi of both earth and sky.

The practice of Tai ji returns our bodies to its natural state both physically and internally while exercising the entire body.

At BYD we practice Yang Style Taiji, Emei Bai Yuan Taiji and Wudang Taiji. By appointment only or join us for Free Taichi in Riverside and at the East Providence Recreation Center.
Meditation (静坐) Jing Zuo  “Stillness Sitting”

Mindful relaxation that we practice here at BYD is based on the Purification of the Hearth Method of Jing Zuo and the Discourses on Sitting and Forgetting by Sima Cheng.

Meditation is currently by appointment only for non initiates of the Bai Yuan Dao.

Herbal Medicine (草药) Cao Yao “Herbs”

Emei Mountain is home to a most unique environment filled with many herbs and plants with special properties to heal, repair, tonify the body.

Emei Daoist teas, salves, tinctures, internal and external supplements are only made at the discretion of Li Daoshi. Inquire with him if you are interested in a consultation.

 Yang Sheng (养生) “Nurture Life”

life nurturing activities for health and longevity.

Dietics (Bi Gu) (辟谷) “Avoid Grain”

nutritional assessments combined with tea and medicinal food

Tui Na (推拿) “Push / Grasp”

Daoist massage practice, moxabustion, orthopedic relief, gua sha, and Dit Da (Liniments for martial artists). Essentially, these are the healing services we offer to all.

Dao Yin (导引) “Guidance”

“Take a deep breath and sink it to dantien. Hold the breath there for a while and then exhale it like the sprouting off grass until the it goes to the top of your head. In this way, the yang vital energy go up and the yin down. Those whose yang or yin energy goes its own way will live, otherwise they will die.” – Inscriptions from a Warring State Period cultural relic

Guided self massage practices and stretching to increase body mind connection.

Tui Shou “Push Hands”

Paired practice to cultivate balance and control and strength, from Taijichuan. This works strength, stabilization and of course connection and sensitivity to subtle energies.

Please contact BYD for information on any of these programs and now listen to our live stream here:

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