Our Mission

We are a 170(b) (1) (A) (i) Religious Organization and non profit wellness ministry founded in 2018, in East Providence RI. We survive off of the charity of our patrons. Thank you for visiting us and donating to our cause Support BYD here

Our Mission is to practice, preserve, and share a unique Daoist monastic tradition from the Emei Mountains of China as well as serve as a healing and wellness ministry for the community. Through personal, intentionally-designed wellness programs for each individual we can offer eastern based healing solutions and deepen the understanding of the classical Chinese practices along as share the traditions passed down from previous abbots.



President and Founder (Daoshi – Spiritual Leader) 

Sifu Li

Adam Perry – Li Ya-Dang (梨 亞當), Emei Name Bai Yun (白云), is a disciple of the Emei Bai Yun Bai Yuan Pai (白猿派) order of Daoist internal and external arts and health practices, a revival of lost practices as well as a Yesu Dao priest.  Li trained 12 years under an Emei Grandmaster and his disciple before starting his journey into Daoist studies of Wudang Mountain as well.  He is a State Civil Engineer for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts – Dept. of Transportation and a father of two beautiful girls. His formal education is from Roger Williams University in Environmental Engineering and Mathematics and he is an Eagle Scout.  His journey into martial arts started at 18, in Taekwondo and transitioned to Chinese martial arts. He has trained in Wushu, Taijichuan, Qigong, Xingyichuan, Baguazhang, weapons, meditation, tuina, da gong, gua sha and basic Daoist medicine practices.  After 18 years of training and 10 years of teaching publicly he decided to found a non profit in order to better share, teach and help others obtain health, wellness and longevity through monastic health modalities.

“It is my desire to share the Emei tradition with the public and to help guide folks to a healthier happier lifestyle. Life is cultivation and I seek to help people cultivate life.”

Founding Director, and Fang Zhang of Bai Yuan Dao Center for Cultural Heritage.


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Current funding is going towards a Daoist Cultural Center, healing services and education. All donations are tax deductible and those in need of a handwritten receipt, please contact Bai Yuan Dao Center so we can have one made up for you.

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